Transfer Switches for Home Power Zoning

A transfer switch is an electrical switch component that transfers electrical power between two sources.

Accessorizing a generator allows you to get better functionality from it. Many models that are priced low do not come with a lot of accessories. However, they are compatible with various accessories. When you buy a generator, it has to suit your needs perfectly. If new wants arise you can buy specific add-ons to suit the situation.

What is a Generator Transfer Switch?

For example, if you are living in a cold climate you can wait to get the cold weather kit when winters are just around the corner. Same way if you are planning a trip to the mountainside you will need a carburetor kit to operate your portable unit at high altitudes. While planning the trip you can buy the alternator kit online.

For home generators, there are all sorts of accessories and parts offered online at various prices.

When you buy a generator make sure it is easy to use and not dangerous for your house. Some components make the generator much safer. If you have a portable unit and want to install it in the house, there are the right accessories available online to meet your requirements.

Several additions and features simplify the maintenance and startup process. Some of these items may be costly and it is wise to not look for any cheaper alternatives.

That being said, good things always come with a higher price tag so get the original branded items and make sure it is meant for your model.

Users can enhance the functionality of their portable generator by using the right accessories. They can make it safer for use by adding a transfer switch.

If you do not need more than 7 or 8 KW of electricity for your house, then get a portable unit installed by a professional electrician. Buy the right transfer switch to automate the load transfer function.

Does my Generator Needs a Transfer Switch?

Even for home standby generators and for RV generator the transfer switch is a necessity. It prevents back-feeding from the utility lines to prevent electrocution. With a transfer switch, two sources of electricity are not able to feed the circuit simultaneously.

When you browse online stores for a transfer switch you will find the manual transfer switch models and automatic transfer switches. Choose the one that is most suitable for your generator and your lifestyle.

Generac Standby Generators

The transfer switch activates automatically when connected with portable generator. In the meantime, it also shuts off the connection from the grid to your home circuit.

Even when you’re not at home the refrigerator and security system and other home appliances will continue to run smoothly. There will be no need for you to rush back home to turn on the generator.

Installation of the automatic transfer switch is complex and only a trained and licensed electrician can do the job right. Hiring an electrician may add to the expense but it is well worth it. In the long run, the convenience this switch offer will give you peace of mind 24/7.

Installing a manual transfer switch is a lot easier and also takes less long. The electrician will give you some instructions after the installation that needs to be followed. You will need to flip the switch and take the required steps before and after the flip.

A good advantage of buying an automatic transfer switch with a home standby generator is that it will let you select the appliances you want to power in the event of a blackout.

Run only the air-conditioning, freezers, lights and TV or the whole house. The 12-circuit or 16-circuit automatic transfer switches are great for home standby generators. Some models are also designed for both indoor and outdoor installation.

Spreading your electrical appliances over several circuits is good and you can use the same main switch to turn them on or off. If you are using a portable generator a transfer switch allows you to get the most out of the small output.

Transfer switches can ensure that your load is low so you can use the generator for a longer period at a low cost. After a hurricane or a wildfire, it can take several days and even weeks for power line repairs and for electric supply to be restored to your neighborhood.

When you install a gasoline or diesel portable unit at home you will need heavy-duty extension cords to make a connection. Most of the portable models release the exhaust fumes that are harmful to human health. This is why they are installed at least 15 feet away from the structure. The cords will handle extreme weather, so the connection is never interrupted.

All generators demand various amperage and the cords need to be matched. On the portable unit, you may find various outlets of different amps. The cords have to have two plugs, one to fit the generator and the other for the transfer switch.

Before getting the cord, it is good to measure the distance from the unit to the house and the transfer switch. The best thing to do is to take advice from the electrician who will come over to install the transfer switch for you.

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