Metallic Floors are a Work of Art

Fashionable floors boost your image. All homeowners like to present their interiors most tastefully. If you are planning to redo your floors look at the latest options offered online. The new advancements are doing wonders for flooring.  Floor designers are using Portland cement to create very awe aspiring floors. They mix a variety of chemicals and coatings to give the floors all sorts of attractive looks.

Metallic flooring is made using a metallic epoxy that has a metallic pigment mixed within. The small shimmering pigments are mixed into an epoxy resin and later poured onto the floor. The result is a stunning floor that looks stylish and matchless.

Many restaurants, gyms, and showrooms use this type of flooring to add a unique element to their interior design. Everyone likes something new all the while and the experience the tastefully designed interiors offer keep bringing the customers back. 

Metallic flooring reflects light at various angles. When the epoxy hardens the metallic pigments stay in place and the floor gets a 3D look. Installing a metallic floor is not easy. The technique has to be followed flawlessly to achieve the desired results.

Besides being good looking and being one of a kind these floors offer many benefits. Customizations can be made for added durability. Floor designers can create slip resistant and antimicrobial floors for their clients. For chemical factories, these floors can also be chemical resistant. These qualities make them highly functional.

Areas that get heavy foot traffic do well with the strong floors with added benefits. This makes them a perfect choice for restaurants, showrooms, waiting rooms, galleries and so forth.  Since all sorts of designs can be achieved with cement, you can add any level of drama to the floors you like.

Create dreamy floors or replicate the ocean or molten metal as you like. The flexibility of the material makes it a number one choice of the floor designers. Portland cement is less costly than hardwood or stone. Homeowners and businesses alike prefer this cost-effective option for their new construction.

In retail and commercial application these floors score big. Custom floors allow businesses to look unique. The looks of expensive marble can be achieved for a lot less. An attractive entranceway gives any store a very welcome vibe. Clients can use one color or two or three colors on their flooring to meet their design needs. Many areas of the house, shop, and office can look better with a bright and modern feel.

Since the floors can never be replicated you have one unique piece of art under your feet. Garages, kitchens, and living spaces look better with the metallic floors.  It can make the living room more elegant and inviting. In retail stores, there is a lot of heavy foot traffic. Metallic floors have high resilience to wear and tear and are perfect for such settings.

Garage flooring needs to be resistant to stains, chemicals, and oils and these floors offer just that. When you need to revamp the flooring or want to floor for new construction, get in touch with the metallic flooring professionals. This way you can get better value for your money and get the project completed on time.

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