6 Renovation Ideas to Utilize Your Garage Extra Space

A garage can be an extra space in a home, and it is essential to convert such space to suffice another purpose. You might have sold your car, and you have extra space. It could as well be that you bought a new home with a huge garage that can accommodate more than your car. These garage conversion tips will help you to adequately utilize the space for productive purposes.

By remodeling your garage to suit other uses, you can reduce the cost of constructing dedicated rooms for your needs. The garage renovation method you will adopt will depend on your current needs, available space, and future projection.

Here are six ideas to renovate your garage space to utilize it for other uses.

1. Create a Double Story Room

With a garage attached to the main house, you will likely have long walls with a ceiling. That is enough space to utilize by redoing the garage. It is possible to transform the garage for a completely different use or use it as a storing space for your additional car.

When you buy a new car, and your garage does not seem to hold two of them at the same time, you can build a car storage lift to accommodate one of your vehicles so that the second one can stay in the space beneath. In this way, you will have reused the extra space above your car.

Another option would be to remove the ceiling and build a floor above the position of your car. Many homeowners keep their home workshop and garden equipment in the garage. This remodeling will help you to clear the clutter and organize the garage. This method works best for garages with wider spaces so that you can conveniently build the stairs.

2. Convert the Unused Garage Into a Home Office

When you buy a new home with a garage, and you do not intend to buy a new car any time soon, you can convert the garage for a home office. There are many ways to use the home office that make it ideal to set it apart from your main house or lounge.

If you are a business owner or service provider that works online, there is no need of renting an office when you have extra space at home. You can convert your garage to a complete and permanent office. This method will not only save you of rental fees but can also give you tax deductions when using the home office as your business headquarters.

Even without a formal business model, you can still utilize the space as an office. Not all home visitors should meet you in your living room. Dignitaries and prospects should meet you in an organized space, and you can make the garage a better place for meetings.

Get some office furniture, redo the windows to provide the room with sufficient light, and get a garage door repair to make it a secure place to keep your documents and office accessories.

3. Make a Playroom for Your Kids

Any family with kids knows the importance of having a playroom for the kids. You do not want to be knocking around with kids as they run about the living room or in the kitchen. A simple solution would be to make them a better place for playing. The garage will suffice their needs.

Converting the garage into a spacious playroom requires that you get enough of natural daylight into the room. You will also need to make custom cabinets and shelves for keeping the toys to avoid congestion in the space.

4. Make it a Guest Room

Room for Guests

We all expect visitors at any season. Some of them may come to spend some time with us. Regardless of the duration and the intent of their visit, it is ideal to set apart a room to accommodate them. You will need the extra space when your rooms are occupied or it is not “proper” for the visitor to sleep in the main house.

With your old garage space, you can make a room for the guests to spend their time. Set a bed, a small study table, and a chair in the room to complete the setup. You may want to renovate the floor and repair any cracks on the wall. Do not forget to fit a heater to keep your guests warm during Winter.

5. Convert Your Garage to a Home Gym

Convert your garage into personal Gym.

Many people spend lots of money subscribing to a gym. You can, however, reach your goals by setting up a gym at home. As an affordable alternative, a gym on a budget can save you money since you will be doing your exercises at home. The first thing to note is that you will not be traveling to the gym every evening after work and no more payments.

All you need is to spend some money on the conversion. You will only buy the gym items you require for home training. Afterwards, you will have unlimited and uninterrupted access to a gym at any time of the day as many times as you want. This idea works for both a garage that has no car and an extra-large one.

6. Make a Kitchen Dining Space

This idea works only when the garage and the kitchen share a wall, and there is no plumbing and wiring that can interfere with the process. The wall should be plain without much modification. You can cut a section of the wall to make a passage between the kitchen and the old garage to carry out some maintenance on the garage space to make the diner.

Summing Up

Whatever the purpose you want to achieve is possible with the conversion of your garage space. The amount of work you will have to do in re-modelling your garage to suit your needs depends on your intended usage.

Ross Geller is a working Designer and passionate writer. He enjoys writing about the latest home decor and lifestyle trends all around the globe. He has been working with Elite Garage which provides garage door services with the potential sometime now. Through his writing, he hopes to influence as many people as possible to help build a beautiful home and space.

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