Choosing The Right Concrete Sealer for Your Project

The best, least demanding, and most cost-savvy approach to ensure cement is by fixing or sealing it with an amazing concrete sealer. A concrete sealer is used for shielding the surfaces from water damage due to stains from dirt, oil, salts, frost/defrost cycles and other contaminants.

Things you need to remember before selecting a Concrete Sealer

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With many sorts of concrete sealers and several brands available, it might be an overwhelming task to pick one to buy and apply for a project.

Before choosing a sealer, it is critical to comprehend the different purposes of a sealer. Irrespective of the type of concrete sealer you choose, you can always relish the following benefits:

1. Represses Mold 

The mould growth is inhibited when you seal the concrete. This helps to protect it and makes it look better.

2. Builds Durability 

If you need to guarantee that your concrete looks incredible & works appropriately, applying the sealer is an astute decision.

3. Expands Life

The longevity of concrete is enhanced by the sealer. The life span of a sealed concrete increases by almost 25-30 years. 

4. Offers Protection

The sealer will likewise bolt out dampness in the concrete, so freezing and defrosting won’t harm it. 

5. Improves Color

Topical and basic sealers can keep the colour of concrete flawless. It is because they shield the concrete from the components and keep it looking spotless and sharp for an extended timeframe.

Types of Concrete Sealers

To enable you to spec out better your next task, we’ve separated the upsides and downsides of the most widely recognized kinds of sealers:

Polyurethane Concrete Sealer

Polyurethane concrete sealer frames a defensive film that gives protection from synthetics & abrasion. It is available in both solvent & water-based solutions.


  • Double the thickness of an acrylic sealer
  • Non-yellowing
  • Available in a range of sheens
  • Highly durable finish

Polyurethane solid sealer is normally utilized on floors in high-traffic areas and to upgrade the excellence of concrete ledges.

Ideal For: Interior & exterior use

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating sealers, (siliconates, silicates, siloxane and silanes) are used for sealing the pores of concrete below the surface.


  • Protects against climatic conditions
  • Protects against stains & de-icing chemicals 
  • Prevents thaw- freeze damage
  • Doesn’t change the appearance of the concrete
  • Prevents slipping in wet and cold conditions

Ideal For: Pool Decks and Driveways


Epoxy solid sealers are utilized for concrete ledges, high pedestrian activity zones, inside recolored concrete & concrete overlays.


  • Abrasion-resistant
  • Hard, long-lasting finish
  • Clear in pigment but can be coloured
  • Repel water
  • Come in mid-level sheen or high gloss

Ideal For: Indoor concrete

Epoxy sealer with urethane top-coat

Epoxy Sealer

Acrylic Concrete Sealer

Acrylic solid sealer minimizes expenses, can be utilized on both inside and outside surfaces and is easy to apply.


  • Non-yellowing & UV resistant 
  • Available in a range of sheen levels
  • Protects against chloride & water
  • Dries quickly
  • Protects the surface & enhances the colour of decorative interior floors

Ideal For: Pool decks and Driveways.

Water-based – 

  • Less shiny 
  • Water-based acrylics have lower odor & VOC 
  • Do not last for so long

Solvent-based – 

  • Glossy and colour-enhancing sheen 
  • Solvent-based acrylics have higher odour and VOC 
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