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How to choose the Perfect Exposed Sliding Door Hardware

When you are building your new home or just revamping your old house, the choices you make when it comes to exposed doors matters a lot. Not only do they portray your fine taste in choosing hardware for your new house, but also show the amount of sincerity you have put in constructing the same.

That being said, you can clearly understand the important of exposed sliding doors. But first let’s talk about the advantages it provides.

Advantages of Exposed Sliding Doors

When it comes to exposed sliding doors, the advantages are numerous. Following are some of the significant ones-

  • Increased carpet area
  • Adds a unique feature or style to your home
  • Allows for easy mobility between rooms
  • Increases natural light penetration into the room
  • Increases storage options

How to choose right exposed sliding doors?

Now that you know the many advantages an exposed sliding door presents, here are the steps you need to follow to choose the correct one for you.

Internal or External

When you are planning to choose a sliding door, it is always advisable that you go for an external one. Some of the important things that you need are, an exposed sliding door track and most importantly, good quality exposed sliding door hardware. You need to make sure that all the components you purchase are weather proof and provide high security for your household. Therefore, it is always advisable that you go for a reputable manufacturer instead of a local one.

Carrying the Weight

Once you have decided to go for a sophisticated and weather resistant exposed sliding door system, you need to focus on how you will distribute the weight of the same. Here one aspect that plays a pivotal role is choosing the right exposed sliding door track system. Choose from a reliable and reputed manufacturer such as of the same and make sure that the dimensions of your door match with that of your track system. Choose one that fits perfectly and at the same time will be able to carry the weight of your door and it’s movement for an elongated period of time.

sliding glass door
Sliding Glass Door

Where to Fix the Door?

When it comes to fixing your exposed sliding doors, there are mainly two options. The first is to fix it on the side of the wall which has the opening for the door, and the second being the linen of the opening. The first option is known as Face Fixing and the second one as Soffit Fixing in technical terminologies.

Measure Correctly

A lot of people get this part wrong. Before you go out to purchase your door and the accompanying exposed sliding door hardware, you need to take proper measurements of your home. Take a measuring tape and do it yourself or even better, take the assistance of a skilled professional. Taking the correct measurements will save you a lot of time later on; take our word for it.

Wrapping up

An exposed sliding door is an investment for a very long time and thus it deserves your utmost attention. Choose carefully and smartly to make sure that your investments last. is one of the most trusted and leading exposed sliding door manufacturers in the industry. With their legacy and expert team, you don’t need to worry about quality and installation services at all. Their team focuses on customer satisfaction and therefore will supply you with the finest quality at all times.

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