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Decorative Concrete Floor Finishes

The Journey Of Concrete- From Walkways To Decorative Concrete Floors

Architectural designs have experienced a vast sea of change in recent times with creative experts coming up with new design ideas to experiment with different styles of modern concrete driveway ideas. Concrete is one such construction medium that has evolved over the years. From being used as a basic flooring medium, it is now among the preferred floor aesthetics for decorative concrete floor finishes.

A variety of materials are added to concrete who utilize it for driveways, staircases, indoor flooring, wet basements, walkways, and many more spaces.


So, what is concrete and how has it evolved with time?

Let’s find out.

Concrete is composed of water, Portland cement, and aggregates (sand, rock, or gravel) mixed in specific proportions, which hardens over time. Concrete is widely used for the basic flooring in outdoor spaces as it is very economical, tough to withstand high traffic, and readily prepared. This basic element of construction is now being mixed with other materials to construct decorative concrete flooring finishes.

Different textures, colours, and components are added to the concrete mix to add interesting elements to the floor finishes. Initially, because of its simplicity of use and resilient nature, concrete flooring were used more for commercial flooring. With it’s all-new ‘avatar’, concrete is being used for mainstream flooring spaces inside homes and buildings.

Some new elements of concrete flooring include decorative overlays, acid staining, concrete countertops, polished concrete, and vertical overlays. Also, concrete floor finishing has many advantages which make it suitable for use in apartments, bungalows with open expanse, new homes, and even high-rise condos.

Let’s explore what makes concrete flooring so lucrative for use in sophisticated outlays:

1. Economical

When we compare concrete with other flooring options like tiles, quarried stone, wood, etc., concrete always wins the economics battle. Concrete is poured instead of being fixed/installed.

Moreover, concrete usually forms the base slab in an existing building and if you plan a new flooring, the existing concrete floor can just be finished. For an all new floor design, labour is required for grinding and patching the flooring as well as for layered coating.

If you want to go for additional styles like embedded, stencil, textured or stained, a thin top layer is added over the grade slab and some more costs have to be incurred.

Hire an experienced concrete contractor as a competent team can replicate the rich look of marble, slate or granite flooring,  thus adding aesthetic advantage to your space.

2.New styles and textures

Stains, stamps, pigments, acid staining, acrylic staining or spray overlays, options in concrete floor designs are endless. When done right, it is absolute creativity on display on the floor. You could add decorative accents and arty borders and make your flooring attractive and different.


Decorative stamped concrete flooring fishes are being used for fashion and art studios and boutiques. You could also add special coatings for places like garage floors and mechanical workshops where the flooring to prone to spoilage due to grease and oils stains, and constant wear and tear.

3. Lasts forever

Concrete floors are resilient, tough and timeless. They offer low-maintenance, withstand extreme temperatures and can be cleaned easily. These floors are stain and water-resistant and do not get affected by mould, dust mites, or allergens.


I’m sure you are impressed by the multi-fold uses and benefits of using decorative concrete floor finishes and want to get your flooring renovated. Look for an experienced concrete contractor near you or hire the best in town after inquiring about past work and areas of expertise.

Hi-Tech Concrete Contractors provide durable, smart and reliable flooring solutions for your indoor and outdoor spaces. They provide beautiful concrete flooring design options which will stand the test of time, providing customers with 100% satisfaction.

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